Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tart Hat and More

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Sometimes I wonder why do I do this. I've knitted this particular pattern before, and I found it to be quite arduous. (You can find it at Tart Hat )All though increases and decreases tend to run together. I originally knitted a 0-3 mo version. My little girl is now growing out of it, so I decided to go up to the 6-9 month. Well, last night while knitting the fifth bobble round, I look closely at the hat. It looks a bit big to me. So I tentatively put it on with yarn and needles together. OMG! It fits my head! I don't know if it's because the yarn is so stretchy or what, but it fits me. The first one came out almost too small, now this one seems so large. How weird?

Anyway, I've also started knitting my first garment. The Intolerable Cruelty from knitty as well. I usually don't knit clothing because I feel like it's somewhat a waste of my time. All that work for something you wear so little. But I love this skirt. It's unique! So far I only have about 4 inches done, but it's a start.

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