Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dawn's Kick Ass-cot

Dawn's Kick Ass-cot
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I was in search of inspiration! I ran across this interesting piece online and had to do it. I've been trying to find ways of incorporating my love of knitting into everyday clothing without being a scarf or sweater. Surprisingly, this came out so well, I'm planning on making another in a different color!

It started out a little confusing with the increases and deceases. I had printed the pattern and didn't put the proper indentations where they needed. So after 6 rows in I realized I had screwed up and pulled the whole thing to start again.

Another funny thing is that after I had it finished and posted it on Ravelry, I noticed that no one else's wrapped around their neck like mine did. My mistake? Who cares?! It looks and feels great!

With the next one I plan to make, it will be red with a maroon stripe and a whole lot shorter to wrap and tie. I just need some more summer wearing patterns to work on!

You can find this pattern online at: Vickie Howell Kick Ass-cot

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