Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hand Like A Hole

Hand Like A Hole
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These turned out fantastic!I found the pattern (again) on It linked me up to Hand Like A Hole . Once again, they were more simple than I thought. They are, in short, a garter stitch rectangle with a half row of increases in the middle (YO's). I love the way they look using the finer lace weight yarn. I had to change the pattern a bit to accommodate, but it was worth it.

I have a dear friend who wears a lot of Goth clothing, so I'm planning on making her a pair for Christmas.

I feel like I'm on yarn withdrawal. I haven't been to the Yarn store ( in a couple of weeks, and I've had to make due with what I can get at Walmart (which is not a whole lot). I keep battling with the idea of opening my own yarn store her in my home town. I would be 70 miles away from the nearest one being in Tulsa and Norman. I am unsure about putting such a huge amount of effort and time into something that might not work. I plan on talking to some people here in town to see what they think. It would be a BIG risk. I guess I'll just have to contemplate it for a bit.

Knit on!

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