Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Zill Spiderweb Muffler

Zill Spiderweb Muffler
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I've recently started belly dancing at a local college. I've wanted to belly dance for years, but between school and kids, I haven't been able to find a class. I was so excited to learn how to shimmy and jingle.

The first day of class we were required to buy our beautiful coin hip scarves and zills. Zills are the little finger cymbals that they play. After my first class, we didn't get to learn anything about the zills, so when I got home, I got them out to learn how to play. Well, the zills were so loud they woke up my three year old! So I starting looking online for something to lessen the sound. I found a wonderful free pattern on that would do the trick.

However, it was a crochet pattern. I would not be overdone by a stupid technique my mom tries teaching me 15 years ago. I looked on YouTube for some instructions. AFter attempting a larger yarn I finally had an epiphany! I can finally crochet! I've been searching pattern after pattern trying to find appropriate works for a belly dancing outfit.

So here I am, three mufflers later and amidst knitting a top for an outfit. Hopefully, I can get them done by the next Ren Fair.


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