Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Aprons Are Back in Style!

First Apron
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Well, I was looking around on when I found some real neat aprons for sale. Being me, I didn't want to shell out $ for something I can make myself, and I would have the pride of doing it myself as well. So I went down to Walmart, the only place I can get sewing stuff in this small town, and I purchased a pattern and the supplies. An hour later, I have my very own apron that is so adorable. I was thinking of making some more for my friends for Xmas gifts. An apron like this only costs about $3 + labor.

On the side, I thought today was going to be an exceptional one until I heard my two boys crying, "He told me to cut it!". Never a good sign, huh? Well, it appears that my 3yo starting cutting up the pants of his shorts, and had asked my 6yo to do the same, and he did! After some sound punishment and taking away of the rest of the days privileges, they are now running around in their underwear playing with the only toy I'll let them have: a ball. If they can't take care of their things, they don't get them. I think I've gotten my point across.

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