Friday, May 2, 2008

Mr. Turtle

As I was out in my backyard yesterday watering my ever growing supply of flowers. My youngest little boy followed me around asking his "why do. . ." and "what is. . .", when I noticed what I thought to be a rock in the middle of the sodded part of our lawn. As we approached, I got more excited as I realized that it was not a rock, but indeed a turtle. Having lived in this small town for nearly a year, I still find it amusing to have these types of creatures visit us regularly. Having lived in cities most of my life, it was rare to see animals beyond dogs and cats. My son was very confused by the turtle, seeing as how he's never seen one so up close without being on a tele screen. I ran inside and got my camera to document his first introduction to said Mr. Turtle.

So after snapping some photos and some video we left Mr. Turtle to hobble on his way. I shouldn't say hobble as much as zip. He was amazing quick to find more comfortable and less open arrangements.

And so ended our encounter with the now famous Mr. Turtle.

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