Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Adventures in a Small Town

Today we went out for the day. I realized that I have become a house rat the past couple of weeks. Between visiting family and friends, I have been keeping to myself inside the house during the week to get some rest for the weekend. So, today I decided that we all needed to go out for the day. 

First, we took our library books back to the library. My eldest son found the next two books in "The SEries of Unfortunate Events" books 10 & 11. Yes, I know that it is very unique to see a soon to be second grader reading books on this level. He loves them. He even got to use his own library card! That made him very happy. I actually found some neat knitting and crocheting books.

Next, we went to the Farmer's MArket. I truly enjoy checking out the next vegetables for sale that are grown by the people around me. They have a true sense of accomplishment for their wares. As a result, we will be having squash and potatoes for dinner. Below is a pic of the boys carrying our goods. As you can see, it's very low key with people pulling up to sidewalk and putting the food out.
Next, we went back home where I fed my baby girl and packed the boys to go to the park. I even got their bikes out of the shed! But I was side stepped when my eldest boys bike had flat tires, and after trying 20 minutes to get the filled, gave up. So he got to ride his scooter and my youngest boy rode his bike while I pulled my baby girl and the water in a wagon. 

I really like the park close to our house. It's exactly like one I would have played at when I was a kid. It's complete with a metal slide to burn your but on, merry-go-round to fall off of, and a monkey gym that's taller than most adults, some 7 feet tall.

So, after all this, and only one o'clock, I'm done. Time for some lunch and tele and air conditioner. . . 

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Unknown said...

It's so easy to become a homebody isn't it? We've started going on Family outings to somewhere special every other weekend and it has really made a difference in the girls, and us.

We have a Farmers Market here in Ardmore and I really want to check it out, I may stop by there and visit on my way to our KIP event on Saturday. I've never been there before.