Monday, June 16, 2008


I find this picture wonderful. My son decided that he wanted to learn to play chess. I don't remember how old I was when I first learned, but I'm sure I was much older. It's really fun to watch them play (mostly b/c my husband tries to play badly). The games usually last about an hour or so and then I swoop in for a quick game of checkers before bed. Great memories. . .

I've started on another bonnet for my little girls baptism. I'm having a bit of difficulty really setting out an idea, so it's really coming together as a spur of the moment idea. "Oh, that's would look really good here!" type thing. 

Also, I got some Twinkles chunky yarn from L&B Yarn Co. and have still yet to get it knitted. I have never had a yarn yell at me so much to be knitted. But the pattern I plan to use is in the Twinkles book that wasn't at the store. So today I finally broke down and ordered it through Amazon. It'll take about a week to get here. 

That's all on this side of the screen. Have a absolutely fabulous day everyone!

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