Friday, June 6, 2008

Middle of the Night Musings

It was one of those nights when, after feeding my baby girl at 3 am, I could not for the life of me get back to sleep. I played around on the computer for a bit and realized that it was not doing the trick. So I pulled out my sewing machine and began working on an apron I had been planning to sew tomorrow. About halfway through my project, one rewinding of a bobbin, several rethreading of needles, and general tension fixes, I thought, "you know, I don't have it easy using a antique sewing machine". Really! With all the new-fangled automatic bobbin winders, self-thread needles, computerized stitches, etc. . . I really have to work to get anything presentable. My machine was a garage sale find that my mother bought me ten years ago for $5. For several years now I thought I was one of the few to have a great sewing machine, but after my mother gave my SiL a new one two Christmases ago, I have reevaluated the handiness of the old girl. She only really has two tricks: straight and zig zag. Oh! I guess three, she can reverse. She temperamental as an old woman. Sometimes she'll start pulling up bobbin thread just to throw a fit and tell me she's had enough! I can't even figure out the model number or anything. All I know is that she's a Dressmaker.

So, if anyone finds the urge to send me/gift me with a new sewing machine, I would be eternally grateful. I might just even sew you something!

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