Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Home Surprises!

Let me tell you all about my tree. Yes, my tree. . .  You see, when my husband and I bought this house a year ago, we knew we were in for a lot of yard work with stumps and overgrowth all over the yard (both front and back). We're the kind of people that looked at it and saw opportunity rather than a mess. (I wish I had a pic of it now.) It started with us actually mowing it for the first time in who knows how long. At that time all we could conquer we the lagre middle space in the back yard. Yes, it was that over grown. Over the summer months, we tore up baby trees and cut back until we found a handmade stone retaining wall. 

Wow! It was a perfect place for flowers! I was very excited, but that was not all the secrets the yard held.  Finally, near the end of the summer, we got enough gumption to mow near the carport of on side of the lawn, and we found two beautiful concrete things (I don't know what exactly to call them, they've always been things in my mind.) I use them now to hold my flower pots.

About mid-July, I noticed that the tree closest to our house had budded and was going to have flowers. I didn't know at the time that it was a crepe myrtle.  Who knew a tree could be so overrun with flowers! But one day, I looked out my window (because my computer is next to the window), and the whole tree was pink! I anxiously started trying to find out what in the world this thing was.  I had been living from town to town for several years and never really had time to figure out the plants in one area. But here was this behemoth of a tree that I needed to figure out. Eventually, I learned that it was a crepe myrtle, and not only that but it's of the largest variety of crepe's. 

And just yesterday, it had it's first bloom! Yea! Unfortunately, I'm am going out of town to IL, and I won't see it actually go into full bloom until I get back. So, here's the tree before I go. And I show you what it looks like when I get back.

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