Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Victorian Hat

After recieving some great advice from Gypsy Junk Knits, bkwormdeb, and Damsel in this Dress, I finally got the supplies and made my first hat. I expected it not to be perfect, considering I have never attempted a project quite like this before. As I went along creating patterns, cutting plastic, and sewing wire, I found it to be rather easier than I had hoped. And my final product is fine enough to be worn to a Renaissance fair without embarrassment! I found several styles of hats through Blanches. I didn't buy the pattern but cut my own from the pics on poster board. The side band gave me a bit of trouble. I wanted it more tilted in, but it came out straighter. After playing around, I've figured out how to get it tilted which will be shown in my next hat. I did, however, accidentally have the fabric backwards on the brim. (If you won't tell, neither will I.) I still want to add some finishing touches and possible some bias tape on the rim to clean it up. But it is finished and I like it!

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