Monday, September 29, 2008

Spider Pasties

These dears are show to tickle your fancy with their webs. Knit them for yourself or as decorations for your home. They take no time at all to knit up.

I also want to give a special thanks to bohoknitterchic for the inspiration from her spiderweb bra to create these. Check her website out for more pasties!

Difficulty: Beginners

One Size

US #3
MC, scraps of black or purple black sock yarn
Tapestry needle

Pattern notes:
Fbl=knit through front loop & back loop of same stitch

CO 4
Row 1: K 1, 2 fbl, K1 – 6 sts
Row 2 and all even: K
Row 3: K1, fbl, K2, fbl, K1 – 8 sts
Row 5: K1, fbl, K (4) to last 2 sts, fbl, K1 – 10 sts
Row 7: K1, fbl, K (6) to last 2 sts, fbl, K1 – 12 sts
Rows 9: K1, fbl, K (8) to last 2 sts, fbl, K1 – 14 sts
Row 11: K across
Row 13, 15, 17, & 19: K1, K2tog, K to last three stitches, K2tog, K1
Row 21: K1, 2 K2tog, K1 – 4 sts
Row 23: K1, fbl2, K1
Row 25: K1, fbl, K2, fbl, K1
Row 27: K 1, K2tog, K2, K2tog, K1
Row 29: K1, K2tog twice, K1 – 4 sts

Break yarn. Using a tapestry needle, thread through live stitches, and secure.

Cut four 6 inch long pieces of yarn. Tie to middle of body and fan out for legs.


Anonymous said...

I love your spider patterns.
Did you know you have two listings for rows 17, 19, and 21? Which ones are correct? ~Tricia

Anonymous said...

Both of your spider patterns are amazing! I just submitted them to hope they post them!