Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chainmaille and Yarn

As some of you may know, not only do I knit, but I chainmaille as well for Renaissance Fairs. It's a lot like knitting, but using wire instead. My husband and I have taught ourselves how to coil wire and cut it into usable rings. It's comparable to spinning yarn for you yarnies.

Well, I was finishing up the gifts list for Christmas, checking off those we have gotten gifts for when I realized that I needed to get stuff for my guys friends. I didn't want to knit something. (Gasp!) First, I don't have the time to knit them all something unique. I also wanted something more masculine. So, my husband and I bought out our box of rings and pliers and got started weaving necklaces and bracelets. I love being able to make something so unique for my friends that usually costs mucho bucko to purchase.

As for my knitting endeavors, I have some pattern that need kinks worked out. But never fear! You'll be in for some surprises if you stay tuned. . .

Yes, that is actually me weaving.

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nopinkhere said...

Looks cool! Do you end up with calluses?