Saturday, April 18, 2009

Phat Fiber April - Eco/Green Theme

I was so excited to step up to my door this afternoon to my Phat Fiber box. I simply couldn
t wait to tear into it to finger all the goodies I knew were hiding inside. So, without further adieu, my first impressions:

Oriri Draco Design Moss Sock Yarn- This is a beautiful sock yarn with sheen given off by the bamboo in it. Definitely a luxury that will turn your head. Faded Forestry Bulky Yarn - Too much fun! I'm a super fan of thick and thin spun, and this delivers it all. Vibrant color, squishy texture, and fun, all in one. Easter Egg Hunt - This is exactly what you would think an easter egg would spin into! I love the color of the thread and how it plays off the wool. Sea Glass Handspun - Another gorgeous hand spun with beads and sparkley ply thread. It looks like there is something other than wool in it, because there's a sheen in the wool that nicely compliments the thread. I love it! Cardea-Morning Mist - An Alpaca/Wool Handdyed super squishy yarn. It;s the type of yarn I think the make into a accessory of some sort. Fantastic!
The Cupcake Factory Vegan Cupcakes - I'm glad to see a true upcycled yarn! I love her samples, and this doesn't disappointment.

Moonlight And Laughter Trillium Wool - The picture doesn't catch just how lovely and soft this batt is. I am looking forward to see what other goodies are in the shop!
Infinity Yarn And Fiber Gold Clouds - I love Infinity's stuff as well! This Wool/Bamboo mix is elegant and is SUPER soft. It feels like it would be a dream to spin. Great job! Genmaicha - This 100% BLC wool in green and oranges with hints of blue is a special combination that I don't see very often. It reminds me of falling leaves in November, but this is much softer to roll around in!
WildHare Fiber Studio Gone Fishing - First of all, I love the name. It's hard sometimes to come up with names that exemplify the colors we create, and this one makes me smile. Another cool point is that this is made partially from recycled soda bottles! Cool, huh? Green Wool roving - A generous 1.2 oz batt of vibrant greens. It's super squishy and I think my baby girl has just made a pillow out of it. . .

Okay, I got it back.
Brianna - Out of all the fiber (batts and roving) samples, this is the most luxurious. It's a bamboo/ merino blend in pink and purples that came with a little baggie for odds and ends. I think I have a thing for bamboo. You gotta check out the drop spindles, too. To die for. . .
Plum Crazy Ranch & Fiber Art Optim, Tussah Silk, and Tussah Silk Noil - Need I say more? It's silk! Stunning! You got to get it.
Moonwood Polyclay bead and milk fiber -Perfect for people with allergies. It's softer than silk to me. I am going to have to get me some of this!

Now, the extra non-fiber goodies.
Wild Hare Fiber Studio - sent a Phat Fiber button that is immediately going into my purse. Thank you! sent some Biscotti that I'm saving for in the morning. Mmmm. . .
Calizona Designs - sent some awesome bamboo needles that I can't wait to try out! I've never had bamboo and this will be a treat.
Phat included an awesome green pouch for all the extra cards that I need to find a use for. Hmm. . . sent a magnet and small sample of roving. I love your dsign on this sample!

Thank you all for taking the time to send in these samples! I love everything I get and use it all in one way or another. Take care!

And Paige's Beaded Designs included a stunning stitch marker that will make any knitter feel like a princess. I love the twisted o ring!


Alpaca Granny said...

Gorgeous, thanks for posting.

craftypuppylover said...

love the needles! what a great box :)

The Broms said...

This was just ONE box? I knew it would be full of fun but that is bursting with joy! :D
Come on postman- Hurry Hurry!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

The enchanted handspun is gorgeous and the pouch from phat gorgeous and I love those needles what a great box:)(((Hugs)))) Darcy