Friday, May 22, 2009

Bottle Cap Hot PAds

I recently finished my hotpads for the Hot Pads! and Pot Holder - The Swap that was hosted Hello Yarn.

Thank God we had two months to finish these potholders! I had a small collection of bottle caps that I started with,but soon ran out of. I enlisted my husband and friends to save theirs for me. Now, that I've finished using them, my husband doesn't know what to do with his. To him, it now seems a waste to throw them away.

I used every minute of it working on these darlings. I would crochet in the car, at the kids Doctor appointments, during knit nights, watching movies, and everywhere in between. Even once I finally got all 95 caps covered, I still had to sew them all together! : )

All the work aside, I absolutely love the way they turned out. They are very sturdy and they stay put when you set them down. (I find very important when you trying to put a pot on it.) Being crochet thread, I know they will last a lifetime with proper care.

So, to those of you who receive my lovelies, take care, enjoy, and know that a lot of love and hard work went into these.


gwengoods said...

very cool idea!

Turtle said...

those are so cool!

Dawning Dreams said...

Thank you! I've thought about writing the pattern down for everyone. It's not hard, but time-consuming.

beth said...

I got one of your hot pads in the swap! (the pink, green & yellow one) I love it so much!
Thank you,

Mary-Heather said...

I saw these on Flickr from two people who got them in the swap - they are SO cool!!

Anonymous said...

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