Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May Phat Fiber Review

Hello all again to another round of the Phat Fiber box, here on my blog. Let's get to it. There's a lot to look at. . .

FIBERS - Purple & Green Falklands 56 Wool top - I love the colors here! They are very vibrant and rich. This would be great to spin into a yarn for purse or mittens. - Breeze 80/20 merino/bamboo - This is very soft, but not too slick. It would be a great into roving into bamboo spinning. - Superwash Merino Top Crocus - Beautiful! I love a good merino. This will not disappoint. I could roll around in this all day and be happy. - Take Out Club Bellino 70/30 Mohair Merino - Isn't the takeout box adorable. Great idea! The fiber is delicious. You can feel the silky mohair and it's very airy and light. - Chloris Superwash Merino - Once again, great packaging! I love the way this variegates from bright color to bright color. - Merino Novelty Purple Batt - So much fun! I can see Angelina and silk, and I even think some sari silk scraps. Glitz is grand! - 1/3 suri 2/3 Hucaya - I love alpaca. it's so finely textured and silky. If you haven't spin it, try!

YARNS = 100% Wool Petal Pushers - Beautiful subtle color variations that remind me of a vintage tea pot. Great weight to work with. - Orange Baby Alpaca fingering Weight - Once again, I love alpaca. It doesn't have the same texture as wool. I sometimes think it's like silk and wool got together and had a baby. Warm like wool but soft like silk. . - Recycled Rainy Day Cotton/Acrylic - Recycled! Yay! This is really the way to go if you want this weight yarn. It's a thread that you don't see often at yarn stores or online. I love that it is recycled! - Victory Merino Sport Weight Yarn - The motorcycle inspiration rocks my bobby socks off! This would be for a great accessory knit. - Peonies and Bluebells Hand spun - I am a big fan of hand spun. It has personality that a machine can't catch. This single ply thick and thin has lots of life and is wanting to be knit! - Crabapple Hand spun 2 ply - The sparkle of this yarn is stunning! There's Angelina in this superwash that absolutely glitters in hand. I love that the fiber was dyed by Extreme Spinning. You have to check this out! - Snuggle Toes Sock Yarn Spring Shower - This is very soft for a sock yarn. This would be an excellent choice for a shawl, too, with the nice subtle colors. Lovely!

- A dog cookie! So cool! I don't have a dog, but my Fat Cat loves them! Thanks! - Great packaging. It really caught my eye. On the tiny stitch marker is even a tinier acorn with the website. So adorable! - More stitch markers that are snag free. I love these for fine lace project that even my needles get stuck on. - This stitch holder looks like a drop spindle to me! I think it's actually a bell, but to me it will always look like a spindle - 5 sample tags - I love that I found someone who makes tags. Sometimes you just don't want to make your own and this would be a great alternative. - Bookmark - I read a lot. . . no really. .. a book a day. So it's great to have something to put in it now when I have to quit. Thank you! - Flower stitch marker - Yay! I am constantly drooling over this stuff. If you want something unique and special, check them out!

And my favorite part! The card holder that turns into a needle/accessory case! You are awesome Phat Fiber Lady! It really makes the box special!

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My8kidsmom said...

Love seeing my samples on blogs!!! It makes me grin. Nice bunch of goodies!