Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It all started with a new camera.

My old Kodak C875 finally kicked the bucket. The flash broke. Boo! Without a flash I couldn't take the pics I need to of my kids, business, or blog. I was a bit irked and devastated at the same time.

So, I went online looking into options for a new DLR camera that the "pros" use to take pics of items. There were several highly recommended ones on etsy, but with a $400 price tag, I couldn't take the dive. So, I settled on a Canon A100 Powershot. It has the Macro setting for my Etsy store and the face recognition for the family. What could be better for only $125!?

Let's just say I'm in love with it. I walked around all afternoon shooting pictures of my kids and things that I love to look at. After uploading it all, I was amazed to see how the world looks from my point of view. Having come from a very non-imaginative family, everyone wonders how I became how I am. One of my brother works for the US Air Force as a manager of sorts, not a solder. The other brother, is a manager of a bar. My mom works for the Police, and dad, who is also retired from the military, is a Postman. So, how is it that I love to dance and write and spin and craft?

I've never lost that wonder of the simple things that many adults lack. I still look at objects and wonder how they can used in ways that they were not intended.

So, here we come to my point. My pictures of the things that inspire. The world from my point of view in a crazy binge of photo taking. Enjoy!

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Rois said...

Oh those ae tomato cages!! What a fabulous way to hang spindles and hooks!