Friday, February 5, 2010

Fergus the French Angora Rabbit Love

I've had Fergus for several months now. Initially, he was very stand-offish. That is until he got sick. Here's the drama of the day that I had posted on an Angora group:
My bun, which I’ve only had two months, won’t let me pick him up and acts just like yours. Being a SAHM, I get pet him everyday, and comb him often. Yesterday at lunch, I noticed he wasn’t looking as perky. I changed his bedding so I could see if he was pooing and such. I took away the pellets and gave him hay.

After a couple of hours with him not improving I realized it wasn’t my imagination and he wasn’t feeling good. So, I wrestled him out of the cage, put him in a laundry basket, and carefully cut off all his fur. Put him back in the cage with a half a banana and some pineapple infused water.

By 5 o’clock, I was worried. He hadn’t eaten or pooed. He looked miserable. I don’t have a rabbit doctor anywhere near me. Unfortunately I had to go teach a Beginner Drop Spindle class at 6:30pm, so I had my husband on Bunny Watch until I got be.

I returned home at 9pm, and he still looked the same. So, after reading up some more, I syringe fed him some of the squashed banana and water, then massaged his belly through the cage door. His stomach was making very large gurgle noises, which told me he might be having GI stasis. After a half an hour, I let him be to rest. Then, I returned an hour later to do it again. Around 11pm, he suddenly sat up, started grooming himself, and pooed a bit, then drank a healthy dose of water.

Today, he is acting normal! I was so scared that he was going to die like I’ve read in other people’s experiences. I think the belly massage really helped him. He actually seemed to enjoy it and relaxed when I was working on him.

Since that day, he hasn't minded me petting him or brushing him. Unfortunately, he still won't allow me to pick him up. I've just come to the conclusion that he is very scared of being handled in that way. Nothing I've done wrong, it's just the way he is. As you can see though, he absolutely loves being petted on the noggin. Just look at that blissful face. . .

Okay, now onto the reason I actually am writing. I want another bun (bunny for non-owners). Seriously, I love Fergus, but I want a pet that I can sit a spin with. Fergus would probably run away hopping mad if I tried spinning on my wheel with him in my lap. I've been in contact with someone I admire and trust that is breeding her Angoras, so hopefully before that year is out, I'll have another addition to my fiber family.

So, in the meantime, I'll snuggle Fergus, as much as he'll let me, and hoard his fiber for myself.


Farah said...

May be Fergus wool block, give juice pineapple (contain bromelain)and give vitamin B12.

Cheap Rabbit Cages said...

WOW! Congratulations for having this Fergus the French Angora Rabbit. I hope to have one like that too soon.