Monday, March 29, 2010

Medieval Fair of Norman 2010

Well, another successful weekend at the Norman Medieval Fair. I went over to strap up ladies in my friends Michelle's beautiful corsets for the weekend. She is the Owner/Designer/Goddess of Damsel in This Dress. I wish I had some pictures, but to tell you the truth, I was so busy working, I didn't even make it out of the booth. : ) Oklahoma weather played nasty tricks on us yet again. This year, however, we got a reprieve with a warm Sunday at least.

My favorite comments of the weekend were:

3. "OMG, I have a waist!" - Corset = instant waist (nuff' said)

2. "She (Michelle) really made all these?" - Yes, Michelle is really that good at what she does. In a world of mass produced, low quality items, it really shocks people that you can make anything, but better, if you just put a little thought and effort into it.

1. "I bet you don't have anything in my size." - Really? These aren't imported corsets from China, but handmade works of art ranging regularly from a 21" waist to a 45" waist. Even if there wasn't a corset on the rack in your size, Michelle, being the best seamstress ever, can make one that will fit you perfectly.

I find it really amazing just how many issues women of all sizes have with their bodies. I swear, it doesn't matter what the size, women in general find something about themselves to pick on. I'm here to tell you know though, stop focusing on the negative, and realize you positives, whether it be your tiny waist, lean legs, beautiful eyes. . . every person has some feature that makes them stunning and we just need more people to tell them that. Hint, hint everyone out there.

As for myself, I have a corset as well as fun memories of cold dreary rains, painted poodles that look like they were hit by a can of spray paint, herds of interesting non-medieval costumes, and friends that keep me coming back.

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