Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hat Calamity!

Sometimes I get the urge to sit down and make the perfect hat. I know, strange, huh? It's a interesting hobby that I've had for a while now. Beyond ball caps and knit hats, there really aren't a lot of ones out there to wear everyday. Luckily, I get to wear mine to Renaissance Festivals several times a year. As the finishing touch to an outfit, it imbues character to an outfit more so than a necklace or scarf. Unfortunately, until the world at large starts wearing them again, my lovelies are regulated to Ren Fairs and Halloween only. : (

Several people have asked my why don't I start making these to sell. Truthfully, I make these for my own enjoyment. I think if I had to make them over and over again, I may loose my appreciation and love for them.

I can imagine some day in the future, someone finding my hat collection and wondering about the weird, old lady that made them one upon a time. Makes me smile. . .

Tops off to another one in progress. . . Gotta get it done before the next fair. Trying some new stitching this time around. Plus, I still need to add more details to the ones I have. Funny that I need to accessorize the accessory!

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