Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tripley with Family

Time changes all things, but families are always there. this past weekend, I made a trip up to visit with my family at my mom's. There's nothing like going home to the place you were raised. You see all those little changes that occur over time: the new restaurant, the new traffic light. As soon as I pass the threshold, though, I'm still that little girl trying to find her place.  We all leave our careers and responsibilities at the door and revel in each other's company.

My family is scattered to the winds. With all of us married and/or with children, it becomes increasingly difficult to get together. We try though to have one weekend a year to come together and play. I literally mean play also! You see, after we put all the little ones to bed, we break out the Triply game board and a deck of cards. This tradition actually started years before we were born with my Poppy and TuTu (Grandpa and Grandma). As a child, I would watch my parents and grandparents play, but you know how poker players can be. If you can't stay caught up, you don't get to play. It wasn't until I was about 18, when I finally got to join in. It's like finally getting to the adult table from the childrens table!

 We play, laugh, and tease each other all night. I get all the dumb blonde jokes aimed at me since I'm the only blonde in the family, and a girl at that. My eldest brother glares at us from behind his cards with his Popeye face. Daddy, memorizes each play just in case someone gets off kilter. My middle brother revels in his wins and grumbles when he loses. It's one of those moments that stay with you for years.

Though my brothers like to think they are getting the upper hand with me, as they tease and point out my bad poker face. I tend to end up ahead every time. I just don't point it out to save their delicate egos. I mean, what brother likes to be beaten by his little sister!?
This time, I came away a dollar richer. Yep, only a dollar, but worth a billion to me for the rare nights of being family. 

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