Friday, May 30, 2008

2nd Apron

I loved the first apron so much I made another one! This version I call, "Cherry Picker". I was so enthralled by this apron and the whole look that I decided to make pancakes for breakfast.  I let my eldest boy take some pics to commemorate the moment. It seems that all the pics I have are taken by me, which is really annoying. I spend so much time taking pics of the kids that I never get in them! I also usually only take head shots because I'm a bit self-conscious about my body. I know I'm not that big, but I'm not a size 8 (I wish!).  

Also, I started working on another vintage inspired bonnet. This time I'm using a larger crochet hook. It seems to be working great! I used the smaller crochet hook last time because when my MIL showed me the hooked that belonged to her Grandmother, size 1.4 was the largest hook there. So now I've bumped up the size and may add my own little touches as well. So far, it's looking better. Will post when finished!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Aprons Are Back in Style!

First Apron
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Well, I was looking around on when I found some real neat aprons for sale. Being me, I didn't want to shell out $ for something I can make myself, and I would have the pride of doing it myself as well. So I went down to Walmart, the only place I can get sewing stuff in this small town, and I purchased a pattern and the supplies. An hour later, I have my very own apron that is so adorable. I was thinking of making some more for my friends for Xmas gifts. An apron like this only costs about $3 + labor.

On the side, I thought today was going to be an exceptional one until I heard my two boys crying, "He told me to cut it!". Never a good sign, huh? Well, it appears that my 3yo starting cutting up the pants of his shorts, and had asked my 6yo to do the same, and he did! After some sound punishment and taking away of the rest of the days privileges, they are now running around in their underwear playing with the only toy I'll let them have: a ball. If they can't take care of their things, they don't get them. I think I've gotten my point across.

Monday, May 26, 2008

As I was putting away the Ren clothes for the season, I came upon a gift I received a long time ago.  Being a military brat, I saw my relatives rarely throughout the years. Of all of them, I fondly remember my Great Grandmother on my father's side the most. She had a two story, wrap around porch victorian house on a hill in Illinois. Every time we visited, she greet us with open arms and a huge smile though she was blind from Type I Diabetes and couldn't hardly walk. My family would sleep scattered throughout the rooms at night. I remember that there was a  string that ran the length of the bathroom so she could turn on or off the light no matter where she was. (Being a child, this was really cool to me.)  

Not long before she passed, when I was in High School, I got a package from her in the mail. In it was a quilt that she had made me. At the time I thought it was funny looking, but now I find it beautiful. Though I have never actually used it because she wrote my name on it, and I don't want it to wash off, this quilt is among my prized possessions. Especially since I am now becoming more interested in similar crafts.  So in remembrance of Grandma Foster, here some of her beautiful handiwork as I wish she could have seen it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


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Sorry all, I've been taken away the end of this semester due to children, swaps, and renaissance fairs. I've managed to crochet some purses that have turned out really fantastic looking. I can't post them yet because they are happily awaiting to be opened at my secret swap pals house.

On the flip side, I tried my hand at beading and thread crocheting. I have to say that I enjoy it a lot! I like being able to see the patterns and making something so intricate that it boggles peoples minds. I have to find a better way to string beads though. Seeing as how it was my first beaded project, I just bought a little canister of beads that I had to string myself. Arg! More than half my time was spent sewing beads into the thread. I'll follow the advice to get hanks of beads next time and just slide them onto the thread. All's well that ends well! The first of many is completed.

Happy knitting all!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Mr. Turtle

As I was out in my backyard yesterday watering my ever growing supply of flowers. My youngest little boy followed me around asking his "why do. . ." and "what is. . .", when I noticed what I thought to be a rock in the middle of the sodded part of our lawn. As we approached, I got more excited as I realized that it was not a rock, but indeed a turtle. Having lived in this small town for nearly a year, I still find it amusing to have these types of creatures visit us regularly. Having lived in cities most of my life, it was rare to see animals beyond dogs and cats. My son was very confused by the turtle, seeing as how he's never seen one so up close without being on a tele screen. I ran inside and got my camera to document his first introduction to said Mr. Turtle.

So after snapping some photos and some video we left Mr. Turtle to hobble on his way. I shouldn't say hobble as much as zip. He was amazing quick to find more comfortable and less open arrangements.

And so ended our encounter with the now famous Mr. Turtle.