Thursday, June 25, 2009

July Phat Sample Peek

For July, we all all going non-wool. So no fluffy BFL batts or Merino lovelies, but this time around we are sending in cottons, silks, alpacas, and angoras. I'm very excited about what treasures and sensations will be up for grabs in this assortment.

For my samples, I revisited my knit jewelry. I actually made the samples themselves about a month ago. They have been sitting in my desk awaiting the proper adornment for their trip around the world. (Yes, lots of the Phat Boxes find their way overseas. Isn't that great!)

I finally saw these little boxes for wedding favors at the store. They were perfect for putting my pins in. Unfortunately, I did not spend the money to buy them there. I didn't partially because I was on vacation, and didn't want to tote around the buggers for the remainder of the trip.

Boy, I feel like an idiot now. I looked online at the cost of purchasing the little favor boxes. Outrageous! The boxes cost more than I thought they would. So, being the crafty individual I am, I grabbed a stack of stock paper and a template, and I cut out and folded 50 little cute boxes. It took 4 hours to get everyone of them finished. When I had finally packed my goodies in a mailing box along with a batt, I was exhausted. I'm surprised I didn't get a paper cut!

So here they are! Someone will receive one of these designs in their box. Now, don't be upset if you don't wear shawls. I get that sentiment a lot, "Aww, they're pretty, but I don't wear shawls." The beauty of these is that they can be worn many, many different ways. Pin it to the front of a cardigan to keep it closed, use it as a accessory on a purse, pin it to a winter knit hat. . . the uses are endless!

So, if any one you get one of my beauties, I love to see a picture of it in action. You can post here with a link or on my Ravelery group at

Thank you!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bottle Cap Hot Pad Pattern

Beer Cap Hot Pad
by Dawn L.E. Riden

I originally made several of these for a vintage crochet potholder swap. They were such a huge hit, I decided to write down the pattern to share with everyone.

6.5 inches across

Aunt Lydia's Classic Crochet (Size 10); need approximately 75 yards
Size 9/1.40MM crochet hook
19 beer caps of your choice
Sewing needle

24 dc/12 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch

Ch = Chain
Dc = Double Crochet
Sc = Single Crochet
Sc Dec = Single Crochet Decrease (Insert hook in first stitch indicated, yo, pull up loop, insert hook in second stitch indicated, yo, pull up loop, yo, pull through remaining 3 loops on hook.)
Sl St = Slip Stitch

Cap Cover

Ch 5, slst to first stitch to join.
Ch 3, 15 dc in ring, slst to join at top of ch 3. Make sure to dc over the tail of the chain to hide it. (16 dc)
Ch 2, sc in same st, *1 sc the next three sts, 2 sc in next st*, repeat between * two more times, sc 3, slst with top of Beg ch to join (20 sts)
Ch 2, sc in every st around, slst with top of Beg ch to join. (20 sts)
Ch 3, dc in every st around, slst with top of Beg ch to join. (20 sts)
Insert bottle cap before decreasing. 
Sc Dec around, slst with top of Beg ch to join (10 sts)
Sc dec around, slst with top of Beg ch to join (5 sts)
Break thread and weave through remaining 5 loops, tie closed and weave in ends.


Using scrap crochet cotton, sew 6 cover caps around one central cap on the underneath side where they touch. Then join 12 covered caps around the six. You can mix and match color however you like, so use you imagination!

Dawn is an energetic doting mother of 3, loving wife of 1, and friend to many. She enjoys creating unique designs using wire, yarn, and fabrics. To learn more about her and her inspiration, check her out on her blog at:
You can also support her habit by checking out her online store at:

Copyright 2009. Dawn L.E. Riden. hese patterns are for personal and non-profit use only. You may not sell items made from these patterns. You may make them for yourself, as gifts, or for donation to charity sales or auctions. And these patterns love being used for knitalongs or other organized knitting events that are free of charge.

Merchants may not download or print these patterns for sale, free distribution, or class use without prior written permission from the author. If you received one of these patterns directly from a yarn store, or are taking a paid class using one of these patterns, please verify that the store has written permission from the author.
Printing or downloading a pattern constitutes agreement with these terms.

June Phat Fiber Box

I finally got to enjoy opening my box with a friend, and we just ohhed and ahhed over everything. Are you ready for it? I am!

Corgi Hill Farm - Burgandy Black Dahlia - I've been wanting some from Corgi Hill for a while, and it was worth the wait! This is a stunning blend of Superwash merino and firestar. If you aren't a fan yet, you will be when you see the samples!
It's a Colorful Life - Mykonos Dark Merino/Tencel - This is that perfect blend of wool and tencel that gives it shine without being squeaky. I love the blend of blues!
eXtreme Spinning - Milk Latte Sable Island - I love the sheen of milk fiber, and it feels like silk in hand.
WondersMohair - Orange Mohair - Super soft in a vibrant orange. This is a perfect example of how mohair should feel!
Bunky Bobo's Hand Dyed Yarns - Hotspur Merino - This wool is perfect for a needle felting project I have in mind. Great job!
Goat Goat Sheep - Curls - Have you ever seen such well formed perfect curls?! And the shine is amazing. Gotta find out more on this.
Moonlight and Laughter - Sunshine on the shore - Very airy with a hint of sparkle! Pefect for those who want something different without going crazy.
BohoKnitterChic - Crab - From one of my favorite Ravelry friends! This blend of wool, cormo,
and angelina is a funky batt that is full of life. Can you hear it say, "Spin me!"?
Northern Lights Fiber Co. - Corriedale Wool Breaking Clouds - This is another beautiful feltable roving. I love the combination of the gray with the bright bursts of blue.
Nikobee - Superwash Merino Whirling Tides - Very soft! I love the way the dye is speckled in the roving.
Giffordables - Beach Glass - The most fluffy of all the samples, this wool is made of Wool top, mohair, and BFL. Every time I see this bright green/yellow in a wool, I want to spin it up.
Liberty Fibers - Merino/silk roving. So pretty! I love the blend of silk and wool. It soft yet easy to spin.
Moonwood Farm - Bamboo Earthsea - Great book and even prettier roving! Bamboo is one of my favorite fibers.
Polyart Girl Designs - Merino - What a beautiful combination of pastel colors! This would spin into a lovely baby blanket yarn.
1000 Petals - Silk Noil - I love silk noil! It's very versatile to add texture and softness to any battt, and what a variety there is!
WineMakersSister - I have a thing for Koi fish and this cloisonné fish is perfect! Thank you!
Slv Folk Arts - To top it all off, I got a small project bag! And it even came with a cute magnet.
Quite Nice - Crochet Sample - The sample sparked my curiousity, but it was the shop that I found amazing. There are a variety of treasures to be found here!
Miss Becca Designs - Stitch Marker - This beauty will be a perfect addition to my ever expanding trinket bracelet. Thanks!
4StitchMeKnot - Stitch Marker - I love the join on this adorble stitch marker. It would be perfect for sock knitters.
Heartstone Ceramics - Blue Button - I hoped against all hope to get one of these fantastic handmade buttons, and I got one! This beautiful button will adorn something special soon.

If I missed anyone, I'm sorry! I tried to catch all of them, but my 18 month old had other plans. I loved this month's box! I just seems to get better and better! Thank you all who contributed.