Friday, May 22, 2009

Bottle Cap Hot PAds

I recently finished my hotpads for the Hot Pads! and Pot Holder - The Swap that was hosted Hello Yarn.

Thank God we had two months to finish these potholders! I had a small collection of bottle caps that I started with,but soon ran out of. I enlisted my husband and friends to save theirs for me. Now, that I've finished using them, my husband doesn't know what to do with his. To him, it now seems a waste to throw them away.

I used every minute of it working on these darlings. I would crochet in the car, at the kids Doctor appointments, during knit nights, watching movies, and everywhere in between. Even once I finally got all 95 caps covered, I still had to sew them all together! : )

All the work aside, I absolutely love the way they turned out. They are very sturdy and they stay put when you set them down. (I find very important when you trying to put a pot on it.) Being crochet thread, I know they will last a lifetime with proper care.

So, to those of you who receive my lovelies, take care, enjoy, and know that a lot of love and hard work went into these.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May Phat Fiber Review

Hello all again to another round of the Phat Fiber box, here on my blog. Let's get to it. There's a lot to look at. . .

FIBERS - Purple & Green Falklands 56 Wool top - I love the colors here! They are very vibrant and rich. This would be great to spin into a yarn for purse or mittens. - Breeze 80/20 merino/bamboo - This is very soft, but not too slick. It would be a great into roving into bamboo spinning. - Superwash Merino Top Crocus - Beautiful! I love a good merino. This will not disappoint. I could roll around in this all day and be happy. - Take Out Club Bellino 70/30 Mohair Merino - Isn't the takeout box adorable. Great idea! The fiber is delicious. You can feel the silky mohair and it's very airy and light. - Chloris Superwash Merino - Once again, great packaging! I love the way this variegates from bright color to bright color. - Merino Novelty Purple Batt - So much fun! I can see Angelina and silk, and I even think some sari silk scraps. Glitz is grand! - 1/3 suri 2/3 Hucaya - I love alpaca. it's so finely textured and silky. If you haven't spin it, try!

YARNS = 100% Wool Petal Pushers - Beautiful subtle color variations that remind me of a vintage tea pot. Great weight to work with. - Orange Baby Alpaca fingering Weight - Once again, I love alpaca. It doesn't have the same texture as wool. I sometimes think it's like silk and wool got together and had a baby. Warm like wool but soft like silk. . - Recycled Rainy Day Cotton/Acrylic - Recycled! Yay! This is really the way to go if you want this weight yarn. It's a thread that you don't see often at yarn stores or online. I love that it is recycled! - Victory Merino Sport Weight Yarn - The motorcycle inspiration rocks my bobby socks off! This would be for a great accessory knit. - Peonies and Bluebells Hand spun - I am a big fan of hand spun. It has personality that a machine can't catch. This single ply thick and thin has lots of life and is wanting to be knit! - Crabapple Hand spun 2 ply - The sparkle of this yarn is stunning! There's Angelina in this superwash that absolutely glitters in hand. I love that the fiber was dyed by Extreme Spinning. You have to check this out! - Snuggle Toes Sock Yarn Spring Shower - This is very soft for a sock yarn. This would be an excellent choice for a shawl, too, with the nice subtle colors. Lovely!

- A dog cookie! So cool! I don't have a dog, but my Fat Cat loves them! Thanks! - Great packaging. It really caught my eye. On the tiny stitch marker is even a tinier acorn with the website. So adorable! - More stitch markers that are snag free. I love these for fine lace project that even my needles get stuck on. - This stitch holder looks like a drop spindle to me! I think it's actually a bell, but to me it will always look like a spindle - 5 sample tags - I love that I found someone who makes tags. Sometimes you just don't want to make your own and this would be a great alternative. - Bookmark - I read a lot. . . no really. .. a book a day. So it's great to have something to put in it now when I have to quit. Thank you! - Flower stitch marker - Yay! I am constantly drooling over this stuff. If you want something unique and special, check them out!

And my favorite part! The card holder that turns into a needle/accessory case! You are awesome Phat Fiber Lady! It really makes the box special!