Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hat Calamity!

Sometimes I get the urge to sit down and make the perfect hat. I know, strange, huh? It's a interesting hobby that I've had for a while now. Beyond ball caps and knit hats, there really aren't a lot of ones out there to wear everyday. Luckily, I get to wear mine to Renaissance Festivals several times a year. As the finishing touch to an outfit, it imbues character to an outfit more so than a necklace or scarf. Unfortunately, until the world at large starts wearing them again, my lovelies are regulated to Ren Fairs and Halloween only. : (

Several people have asked my why don't I start making these to sell. Truthfully, I make these for my own enjoyment. I think if I had to make them over and over again, I may loose my appreciation and love for them.

I can imagine some day in the future, someone finding my hat collection and wondering about the weird, old lady that made them one upon a time. Makes me smile. . .

Tops off to another one in progress. . . Gotta get it done before the next fair. Trying some new stitching this time around. Plus, I still need to add more details to the ones I have. Funny that I need to accessorize the accessory!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WIP Projects

Okay, with all the projects I have going on, you would think I'd be reluctant to start another. Think again! I love switching up what I'm working on from knitting to spinning to weaving to crocheting. It all gives me some sort of "workout" that keeps me on my toes. Now, it may be a while before any of them get totally and completely finished, but the finished product is better quality and more enjoyable since I don't burn myself out.

First, up top is some handspun worsted weight bamboo/superwash merino for a Corset Tank I want to make. I've been working on this during Tour de Fleece 2010, but don't plan to actually knit it until I lose a little weight. I know, crazy thinking that way. I mean giving myself a reward for losing weight is crazy huh? We shall see. . .

next is my Vertex that I KAL with the Phat Fiber Group. I used up many of my sock yarn samples for this beauty. I have no idea yet how to gift it to for Christmas, but we'll see. Suddenly, a person will jump out shouting, "Me! Me!".

I also have this TriLoom shawl that I've been working on for months! It's been hidden away behind a screen in my dining room. When I put a matching cabinet next to it, the shawl practically starting begging me to finish. I hope to within the next couple of days. I also want to add some artistic elements to it as well and put it in the Oklahoma State Fair.

And finally, though the camera photo doesn't do it justice, is one of the many Rag Rugs I'm weaving to take to Ash Flat Market in Clarita, OK. I have made several over the past couple weeks to take. They're quite simple and very functional. A rug in a simple weave can be 2-4 hours depending on if you're ripping your own sheets of using pre-striped fabric.

Well, I think that's a wrap on everything I'm currently working on and have photos of. Believe me, there are more projects laying around including 2 lace shawls and numerous handspuns. What can I say? I like variety!