Monday, May 17, 2010

Book Review: "In Sheep's Clothing" by Nola and Jane Fournier

Now, this will be a break from my normal blogging in the respect that I rarely give my opinion on a book or tool. But I just had to share this book. I had been lusting over it for a while after seeing it on multiple occasions at fiber festivals throughout the state. Ever looking to learn, I finally picked this up on Amazon to study, and I am so glad I did!

I don't own sheep, nor do I live in a part of the country where sheep are raised for their wool. So, I find it difficult to compare the fleeces of animals. Rabbits, I have, sheep. . . no. The beauty of this book not only lies in the thorough knowledge of sheep, but actual photographs of the different breeds locks including characteristics and applications for their wool. For example, it'll tell you that this breed's wool is good to spin worsted style and knit for rugs.

After all this, it goes into preparing wools. Yes, you can YouTube many techniques, but sometimes a book that explains the "why" is what I'm looking for. Why do you hand card rather than drum card? Unlike other online sources, books must be edited to make sure that the information is accurate. It's not about an opinion as much as fact. Don't get me wrong, there are books based on opinion, but this is more like an encyclopedia.

Have I confused you yet? : ) Well, if you are a spinster like me, and really want a great book that will give you the in depth answers you seek, you must check this book out. It's a keeper!

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