Sunday, September 12, 2010

DawningDreams at Clarita Amish Auction 2010

Dawning Dreams FiberArts Booth

I want to say I really enjoyed this fair, but I really didn't. It was blistering hot first of all. We were there very early in the morning to open the tent up. By mid-morning, it was hot enough to seek shade. Then, many people would walk by announcing how difficult it must be for me. (I was usually either warping my loom or spinning.) I simply replied that everyone has something they enjoy that takes time and it wasn't work when I enjoyed it. I did speak to three really fun and interesting individuals about yarn and spinning and such.

Dawning Dreams FiberArts Booth

Hardly anyone stopped in to visit. When I finally walked around for a little, I found most of the other vendors there to be selling retail wot-not (like imported bed sheets, t-shirts, and garage sale stuff). It was definitely not welcoming to handmade items since everyone was looking for "a deal", and being handmade, I do not give that kind of deal.

Dawning Dreams FiberArts Booth

One couple was very sweet though. They really were the bright spot in my day. They told me they had saved my booth for last because they thought it was the best looking, and had the most fantastic handmade items. It gave me a boost in the middle of the day.

So if you want to go to this, be prepared for wonderful food, great auctioning, and garage sale finds. I'll probably just go next year to see if I can find goodies, but not to vend. Live and learn. . .

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