Monday, August 1, 2011

Fiber Christmas in July 2011

I've been working the past two days putting away fibers, washing new fiber, and organizing the mess that came home form Fiber Christmas in July. It was an absolutely wonderful weekend.


On Friday, I drove up to Kellyville since I help with the event. We spent the evening laying out tables and chairs in their spots, which isn't easy since those 12' table weigh a ton. Luckily, with all the extra help it went along quickly and we were out by 9.


On Friday morning, vendors starting arriving. It was lovely to see my fiber friends from out of state like Brenda and Mike of Wooden Spinner, Natasha of Gritty Knits, Dominique of Morandia, & Lori of SarahKate Fibers. We spent the whole morning chatting while setting up and checking out the goodies before the crowd arrived. That good thing about Friday is that it's less busy, so we get time to talk with our customers, which I like. A lot of them make it a point to come on Friday to visit, then come back on Saturday to actually shop.

On Saturday, after a goods nights sleep, I spent the day showing newbies how to use a drop spindle, several people how to spin silk caps, and general trouble shooting questions. I loved seeing all the goodies everyone showed me before leaving. While I want customer to buy from my store, I have absolutely no hard feelings when they buy elsewhere. I am not the only great Fiber Artist out there and we all over something unique and different. The buffalo fiber and yarn was to die for, and I was lucky enough to win the Most Creative category in the Christmas Ornament contest which earned me to hanks of Lux buffalo blend yarn!


In the evening, I had the pleasure to teach a wonderful group of women some of my tips and techniques in drum carding. We had new carders and experienced alike, which lead to some most unusual batts. We were all giggling and carding like crazy trying out different fibers and carders. Brenda brought her double wide Mad Batt'r carder to play with and like me have the pleasure to try out. Of the two batts we got off, the first one weighed in at 7.75 oz and the second was 5.5 oz. I loved it so much, I've ordered one with the proceeds from the class. Thank you all! I wouldn't have been able to afford one of these babies without them. Fiber Artists can be the most genuine and fun people around.

Mega Batt


After packing up I helped Kate and her husband of Lowder Colours Farms herd some sheep to be taken to market. I'm definitely not a wuss about getting dirty, which I illustrated since the only shoes I had on my were my wedge heels. It was comical herding them into the trailer. I had to hose the shoes and wash them once I got home, but I wouldn't have missed the opportunity for anything. Everyday life for a shepherdess, once in a blue moon for me. What I do wouldn't be possible without them.

There are, of course more photos available to see of the event on the Fiber Christmas in July Flickr group if you want to see more of the fun we had.

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