Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kid N Ewe 2012

Ah, the joys of friends and fiber! I'm still reeling from the fantastic weekend at Kid N Ewe in Boerne, TX. My friends, Andrea of Natural Obsessions, Laurel of Spinatude, Emily of BuenaSuetre, and I, spent three incredible days visiting with friends, making rugs, and creating general mayhem. It's always such a pleasure to help customers choose fibers and colors for projects, but to have such a fun group of ladies makes it an experience!

Getting the Fiber Party Rug laid out.

Another Vendor Building.
Someone brought Angora Goats!

My Okie Friends in another building.

Checking out Dawning Dreams Batts.

Oh, the fun shopping! 

 The Fiber Party group includes:

 Natural Obsessions
 Dawning Dreams
Onto the rug... I decided to make my own rug on the second day using one of my batts and lots of locks I had stashed away. Laurel and I did most of the work. We have several stop in with a helping hand. It became a group project, which was wonderful for me. I always love doing projects with others. Also, if you stop in to see the rug, try to find the Tardis time machine we added at the last moment. It'll be our little secret...

Laying out the rug:
I had some helpers, especially Laurel. It makes it more special!

Yes, we were having a lot of fun!
Though you can't tell since I stopped a lot to take photos, I actually did work on it mostly.

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