Wednesday, May 21, 2008


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Sorry all, I've been taken away the end of this semester due to children, swaps, and renaissance fairs. I've managed to crochet some purses that have turned out really fantastic looking. I can't post them yet because they are happily awaiting to be opened at my secret swap pals house.

On the flip side, I tried my hand at beading and thread crocheting. I have to say that I enjoy it a lot! I like being able to see the patterns and making something so intricate that it boggles peoples minds. I have to find a better way to string beads though. Seeing as how it was my first beaded project, I just bought a little canister of beads that I had to string myself. Arg! More than half my time was spent sewing beads into the thread. I'll follow the advice to get hanks of beads next time and just slide them onto the thread. All's well that ends well! The first of many is completed.

Happy knitting all!

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