Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spinner's Lap Cloths

My friend Carissa and I have been working together on many projects lately. Being in a small town away from any major city, materials don't come easy and having someone to chat about ideas with can be even fewer. Luckily I found a friend and fellow crafter in Carissa. When we are looking for opinions of ideas and projects we can discuss without being negative or disheartening.

One project that we have worked on as a pair, is the spinner's lap cloth. I told her my idea a while ago, and since she was really getting into sewing, she went home and made a mock-up. After many samples and discussions, we finally settled on a creation we both love and can make without breaking the budget. Believe me, with fabrics costing above $10, it's easy to make a simple pattern cost $50 just because of the materials. Keep in mind, though, that doesn't include time to photograph, upload, and package each item either.

So, now we have our cloths, she with her favorite fabrics and me with mine. I tend to lean towards most whimsical, while Carissa's are more traditional.

Check out more in either of our shops at:

Carissa's site:
Loksi Company


pastila said...


genial!! :)

Carin McKenna said...

Your links to the Dawning Dreams website and Etsy store are broken; you need to edit out the Blogger address that appears before the desired site and store addresses in the "a href" tags.

Dawning Dreams said...

Thanks for letting me know. I've gone in and changed it all. : )