Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mid-Ohio Fiber Festival in Review

Hello all! I just got back in from the First Mid-Ohio Fiber Festival in Newark, OH. My mother-in-law and I drove the 17 hour trek to this first time event. Let me just say, there is nothing to see in Indiana along I-64 including gas stations. Make sure to fill up before going through.

 The Reese Center, where the festival took place, was a nice facility. The event organizers even helped us unload and load, which I thought was a lifesaver since I'm usually carrying everything by myself. I really appreciate their hard work in putting this festival together. It was so well done, you would have never thought it was their first year. Great job you all!
  Luckily, I had the absolute joy of sharing space with Elizabeth of Spotted Circus, a fellow Phattie from Indiana. It's always a lot of fun to talk shop with someone in your field and we certianly did that and then some.
Elizabeth raises alpacas and I loved hearing about the animals and adventures of farm living. Her husband designed all the logos, which I thought were fantastic, by the way! She has everything from alpaca roving to handspun, to milk from Moonwood Farms. It's amazing just how we fiber artists are able to put our own spin on our products.

See the logo?! So neat. . .
My own space I filled as much as possible with batts, yarns, fibers, and cards. I wanted an explosion of color, and I think I accomplished that. The big Behemoth Batts were a hit! I think half of them that I had brought are on their way to their new homes. I also fortunately got to meet a lot of people I've only talked to online.

 After festival hours, My mother-in-law, her cousin, and I explored the area. We ate wonderful sushi at on Friday night. My MIL had never eaten sushi before, so it was a real treat to open her eyes to just how delicious it can be when made correctly.

On Saturday night, we had Indian at Bombay Garden Indian Restaurant. It was as authentic as you can get. The cook, a kindly older Indian woman, created the most fantastic dishes. Elizabeth had ordered a Mango Lassi drink that ordered after I saw hers. I simply must obtain a recipe for it as it was the most delicious drink I've had in a while.
 My MIL kept telling us about Longaberer baskets that were in the area. Unfortunately, we didn't arrive during their business hours, but we did take a photograph of the fascinating building. I love interesting architecture and this is something you do not see.

 Well, that's the summary of the fun weekend. It was a long drive and far away from home, but it was worth meeting new friends and seeing new sights. Thank you all that came out and enjoyed the day. I hope to see you all again sometime.

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Patricia Riden said...

As the equally happy MIL, I just want to say that my cousin and I were so proud to claim DawningDreams as our own! Can we say "smart, talented, beautiful, and charming?" My cousin, quite a knitter in her own right, had never been to one of these fiber festivals, and she was so happy she came! Friendly people, good food, great yarns and fibers- it doesn't get any better than that