Saturday, April 27, 2013

Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta 2013

Oh Yellow Rose! How much I enjoy thee, Yellow Rose. This has quickly become one of my favorite fiber fairs to attend. The location, the people, the fiber... It all works together for a delightful weekend of mayhem.

First off, my drive time was right about 7 hours from where I am in Oklahoma to Seguin, TX. Ironically, I've gotten pretty good at driving long distances alone. One of my favorite techniques to keep me going an mentally shorten the trip is to listen to an audiobook on the road. This time. I had Across the Universe downloaded from my local library. This sci-fi romance set many years in the future had a lot of twists and turns that kept my interest. I actually started with another book, but it couldn't hold my interest. It would be also a great time to listen and catch up on your favorite Podcasts if you listen to any. (*cough, cough* Must Stash Podcast )

Lucky for me, my Fiber Party Friends already were checked into the hotel and I simply pulled into the parking lot and walked into my friends waiting hugs. The best welcome ever!

Saturday morning, I spent setting up my new shelves for display. Let me tell you, I love my new shelves. They are light, easy to travel, and put up in a cinch. It took me all of an hour to get everything up for display with help from my friend Laurel of Spinatude.

And finally everyone started arriving!!

I had so many wonderful conversations with such a variety of people. For instance, one kind woman showed me photos of her various weavings that she created. Another lovely family actually had just returned from my childhood home in Okinawa, Japan. Their children were darlings! They even took the drop spindle class. I also got to chat with Stacie of the Must Stash Podcast. Laura aka lala of The Knit Girllls on Ravelry made an appearance as well! It's always a pleasure to see her smiling face.

There were so many wonderful vendors of various backgrounds. I spent much of my time chatting up with my new friend and booth neighbor Angela of Purl & Loop.  She had the cutest needle felt kits. You should go over and see.

 Now for more photos!! Check out all the yummies you missed if you weren't able to make it...

Laurel had a blast taking photos with her awesome camera. She got some really neato' ones of my treasures.

 And finally, what would going to Texas be without my Fiber Party Friends Andrea, Laurel, and Emily. They make it so much fun to work. As you can see, there are always plenty of hugs and laughs to share when we are together.

As for goodies for myself. Well, I didn't go overboard, but I returned with fiber, yarns, and a special sheepy necklace. The batts are from my fellow talented batt maker Butterfly Girl Designs. The super soft yarn is from BuenaSuerte. and I'm not sure who made the necklace. It was a true impulse buy on my part.

Whelp, that's it. I packed it all up on Sunday and spent way to many hours back on the road to Oklahoma. Thank you all! I hope you enjoyed the show. I'll see everyone again next year!


Carol Anne said...

Looks like a wonderful fiber festival! I wish there were some good ones around here. Looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

That's Laura aka Lala, in the picture, not Leslie aka youdontcallmeles