Saturday, June 14, 2008

Scalloped Bracelet

Button view
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Finished size: 7.25 inches long X 1 inch wide

Yarn: DMC Petra Crochet Cotton 5, (scrap)
Hook: size D/3-3.25 MM or size needed to obtain gauge
Notions: sewing needle, button

Special Stitches:
Puff st: Yarn over, insert hook into the stitch, pull through loop until it is as tall as a dc. Now with three loops on your hook, yarn over, insert hook into the same stitch and pull through until it is as tall as the last pulled. Now you have 5 loops on your hook. Repeat three more times until there are 11 loops on your hook. Yarn over and draw strand through all 11 stitches. Close with chain stitch by yarning over and pulling through.

Shell st: Single crochet (sc), then skip two chains and double crochet (dc) into third st 12 times (fan made). Skip the next 2 st, and sc into third st.

Ch 58
Ch 1, (counts as first sc) 2nd chain from hook sc 57 across, turn. (58 total)
Ch 1, sc across, turn. (58 total), turn 
Ch 2 (counts as first dc), dc 1, ch1, *skip st, puff st* repeat from * across to last 2, dc 2, turn.
Ch 1, sc across, turn. (58 total)
Ch 1, sc across, turn. (58 total)
Ch2, 2 sc, skip 2, shell, skip 2, *shell* repeat from * across until last two st, 2 sc. (9 shells total)
Bind off.
copyright 2008 Dawn L.E. Riden, all rights reserved


Anonymous said...

I can think of many uses for your Scalloped Bracelet. If made in a thick yarn it would make a nice drip catcher ( you know when you are washing your face so the water doesn't run your arm). It would also make lovely edgeing on a blouse or T-shirt. thanx Carol B

A said...

How sweet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fun tutorial. Very pretty pattern.