Thursday, July 24, 2008

Steampunk Weaponry

(If you can think of a great name to write on the side of it, please let me know!)

Today, I worked on the pistol of the costume I'm designing. I found online, where a man was taking Nerf guns, and painting them up to look like ray guns. There was no way I was going to spend $40-50 for it when all I needed was some paint. So, after visiting my son's toy box, I found a water gun that was broken. (Repeat it with me, "Recycle, Reuse, RENEW" courtesy of The Little People also from my son's movie collection) I knew there was a reason I hadn't thrown it away! So after getting some metallic paints, and decorating, I have a fancy new toy to go along with my Air Pirate persona!

Now I know many people out there are wondering, "Why is this crazy girl doing this?". Well, it's simple, some people collect coins, some collect teapots, or roosters or even Mickey Mouse. I love to create things. Whether it be knit, crochet, paint, steel, or something that nobody has even named yet. I pride myself on being good at things that most others wouldn't even thought possible. It's a passion! So instead of asking me why, ask yourself, "What are you passionate about?"

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